The Key Dos and Don’ts to Successfully Date Wealthy Cougars or Sugar Mommas

Getting into cougar dating or dating an older woman calls for a certain elegance which sugar cubs might not be used to while they date younger women. Cougars have more experience when it comes to sex, love and life along with their successful career and past relationships which have outlined their outlooks on dreamy and passionate love.

The latest stats prove that rich women be likely to easily find a sex partner and have better sex. So if you are a young and handsome sugar cub who is looking to date a rich cougar then, you must understand that you are surely going to have the bar set high.

The older and rich cougars won’t get upset that you did not paid the bill or planned a luxurious date for them, but she will get upset if you make wrong moves and do not make her feel like a partner in your relationship.

So, to date a rich sugar momma or cougar successfully, you must keep the a few important things in mind.

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Important Things to Consider While Getting Into Dating a Cougar:

  • Keep Your Ego Aside: There are men that believe that getting a rich cougar to pay their bills is all that they could ever dream of. This freedom can scare a few toyboys though. If you are dating a rich cougar then, you must think why she is actually with you and why does she need you. Cubs usually forget that there are several different reasons why a rich cougar is giving you all her attention, so never get anxious on where you are lacking, rather embrace that she loves you for who you are. Understand that she is a strong and independent new-age woman, so keep your male ego aside.
  • Accept the Lifestyle Dissimilarities: While you get into cougar dating with a richer older woman then you are bound to have different backgrounds and anticipations. It might happen that the rich cougar you are dating has travelled all over the world or she holds many respectful degrees and is extremely successful, but she enjoys the finer and smaller things in life. To accept her and the lifestyle the way she is, you just need to keep your ego aside and accept these lifestyle differences between you both. Also accept that she is getting you into new places and making you feel different life experiences as she can afford to do so. Just think open-mindedly and enjoy exploring the parts of her world which she loves the most.
  • Never Treat her As a Trophy: Cougars know the right way to steer clear the toxic men. Cougars are just not your arm candy and must never be treated like a trophy in public. If you need a rich cougar to take care of you then, remember that you must bring something interesting to the table. She has already proven that she likes you the way you are, but if you want her to continue to spend time with you and be in a relationship with you then; you have to do put in a little effort to keep her fully interested in you.

Key Things to Consider While Getting Into Dating a Sugar Momma:

  • Research: You can never have a sugar momma just magically find and reach you and sugar dating is not a fairy tale. You must perform some research and invest some time, efforts and money in. If you don’t have anything to catch the attention of your favorite sugar momma then, you might just get out of luck. Sugar mommas want you to already have certain qualities and things figured out and brought into place before they even step into the picture.
  • Groom Yourself: If you have been losing on a few specific habits such as un-cleaned facial hair or your clothes are wrinkled always then, you must fix that or else you will have a tough time finding a sugar momma for yourself. Start taking care of yourself a little more than before to make your sugar momma keep interested in you.
  • Understand Your Limits: Sugar dating is not like your regular relationship where there is a lot of push and pull, rather it is more of an arrangement, wherein the sugar mommas defines the rules and you must abide by those rules to stay in the arrangement. Sugar mommas are not really the sorts to get bossed around by anyone.

If you are fortunate enough to find yourself the perfect sugar momma or rich cougar then, you must treat her like a goddess and the strong independent woman that she is and keep her happy for being well on your way to build an equal cougar dating or sugar dating relationship.


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